It was established in 1991 for the creation and development of biotechnology. For 17 years, the corporation has successfully developed. At the moment there are 10 subsidiaries both in China and beyond:

  • A joint Sino-American enterprise Shaanxi – Yuan Guang.
  •  Hong Kong Ltd. – YuanGuang  company for the development of bio-light element and BIOS;
  • Company Shaanxi-YuanGuang – Marketing;
  • Biology and Technology Medical Institute YuanGuang.
  • American Pacific enterprise for the sale of equipment;
  • Factory tailoring YuanGuang-Shenzhen.
  • Manufacture of medical dressings Shanghai Hueylun.
  • Wuhan TyanTyanhao – the release of dietary supplements;
  • Center for the Transport of medical products Shaanxi-Chzhonyuan.
  •  Hawaiian Joint Stock Company for the development of tourism in the United States.

Corporation YuanGuang  It is the largest enterprise in China, which is engaged in research, production and sale of medical products, as well as real estate, freight, furniture, tourism and many other industries. At the state level, our company received a patent for the invention and has issued all necessary copyrights.

We have successfully used the national experience in the development of 8 series products, such as protective clothing, supplements, food, medical equipment, cosmetics, healing water, plasters.

Products of YuanGuang are known and loved not only in China. It is in demand and exported to 20 countries of the world. Our production of a total area of 100 thousand square meters, it has more than ten production lines, which correspond to the requirements of GMP standard. Annual turnover of more than hundreds of millions of yuan.

The research center is located on the Hawaiian Islands in the US. This center has specialists who came from China, Britain and America. They are collaborating scientists from Stanford, Cambridge, Nottingham, University of Hawaii, the British company Acordis.

Corporation YuanGuang It is one of the recognized world leaders in the field of science and technology. She repeatedly conquer numerous awards. The most honorable of them are gold medals and a diploma, Eureka , obtained at the 54th World Exhibition of Innovation and new technologies. One of the highest awards and titles Corporation:

  • Popular brand goods Asia;
  • Gold Medal of the Ministry of Science and Education of Poland;
  • The most influential and well-known enterprise in China XX century;
  • The company AAA standard for quality, service and reputation in China;
  • Popular brand name of the city of Xi’an;
  • Popular brand name of Shanxi Province
  • Reliable company Shanxi Province
  • A popular brand of Chinese goods
  • Zodotaya medal of the All-China Fair monopoly of new technologies and innovation.

Corporation YuanGuang participates in social programs, actively involved in charity work, constantly allocates millions of yuan to support the poor and the recovery of the affected areas, to support the people’s army, the construction of social facilities, as well as on the implementation of the project Hope. The Corporation helped China during the SARS epidemic, highlighting the more than one hundred thousand of respirators and other products than deserved a positive assessment of the company.

 Remembering the past – we are full of pride, looking to the future – we understand that our responsibility is great.


On the basis of use of modern technologies to endeavor to optimally  have effective management.

  1. Trust
  2. Think Positively
  3. Service. Offer exemplary service to customers
  4. Customer First.


Biological living particle is the newest research achievement of the corporation “YuanGuang”. These products are made from a variety of biological materials and natural biological medicinal materials, using a non-crystalline nanometer technology. “BIOS” free biological energy, causing a harmonious resonance with the human body. They are activated by means of the quantum effects of tissue cells and neuronal systems, intelligently restoring a variety of cells, organs of the human body. Biological energy released at normal temperature, interact with their own energy in the human body. Biological living particle has a higher biological activity and the exact orientation, so it has the magical power to restore a variety of histiocytes, to treat various diseases and organ dysfunction in two directions. This highly technical material meets the health needs of modern people’s health.

Bio-activity element is a superb achievement of clinical medicine, preventive medicine, rehabilitation medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, military medicine, preclinical medicine, biophysics, physical medicine, biochemistry, molecular biology, biomedical engineering, and other scientific disciplines. It corresponds to the needs of modern people’s health. As the progress of modern technology and changes in the environment, the concept of “human body” is expanding too. Previously, the human body is understood as a single living organism, and it is now understood as a whole system, which is closely linked with the environment. Concentrating R & D strength of China, United Kingdom and the United States, Sino-US corporation “YuanGuan” developed production of “Bio-activity element” (patent number: 02150816.x) and has successfully completed clinical application. This achievement has opened up a new era for human health and medical technology.  Bio-activity element is combined biomedical material which combines the advantages of physical, chemical, biological and other advanced therapies. It contains a wealth of “environmental radicals” of the human body material and connects the high-energy physical, chemical and biological factors in the high-level one.