What is Bio-Light Element?

Bio-light has close connection with modern physical therapy, clinical medicine, preventive medicine, rehabilitation medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, military medicine, preclinical medicine, biophysics, physical medicine, biochemistry, molecular biology and biomedical engineering. It is the objective need for human health. As the improvement of modern technology and the change of environment, the former conception which takes human body as one independent organism cannot meet the development of life science.

Sino-America joint venture Yuan Guang Development Group raises a group of scientist from China, Britain and America to invent Bio-light (patent No. 02150816.x) successfully and used in clinical application. This is a new era for human health especially for human technology life.
Bio-light is the combination of the advantages of physic, chemistry, biology and other modern physical medicine. Bio-light material is a kind of compound medical material. It contains powerful physical factor, effective chemical factor and active biological factor.


It took Yuanguang Development Group 11 years to develop Bio-Light Element, Bio-Activity Element and their relating products through “Non-Contact Green Therapy”.
Bio-Light Element and Bio-Activity Element are two kinds of medical composite materials with 2 international core patents, which ever won the Gold Medal at the 54th World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and new Technology “Brussels Eureka”.

What is Non-Contact green Therapy?

“Non-Contact Green Therapy” is a kind of physical therapy without any side-effects. When patients receive the therapy, they don’t need to take medicine or injections and the therapeutic process is simple, relaxing, rapid and safe. Its principle is partial stress and entire improvement over whole body.

“Non-Contact Green Therapy” is a new science combining TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) and modern medical therapy techniques. As a perfect integration of many medical sciences including modern physical therapy, clinical medicine, prevention-rehabilitation medicine, TCM and biomedicine, it meets the objective requirement of human health development.

“Non-Contact Green Therapy” is much different from those medical sciences it stems from. It is neither single physical therapy nor medicine therapy such as massage and magnet therapy. This therapy offers a treatment excluding medicine and injection that cures diseases in a safe, simple, relaxing, imperceptible and comfortable way when patients are asleep or dressing.

Bio-Activity Element and Bio-Light Element series of products can guard your health at any time like healthcare physicians. The products can not only treat the skin and limb disease but also improve the functions of organs and regulate qi and blood to strengthen your body and prolong your life. Patients are free from the post-surgical pain and medicine bitterness, if they use this series of products.

Why do Bio-Activity Element and Bio-Light Element series of products have such a magical efficacy?
Bio-Light ElementBio-LEis a composite material composed of more than 10 kinds of pure natural materials with high energy state and best bioactivity (silicon dioxide, jade powder, chitin, silver ion and negative ion) and some polymized materials.

The Mechanism of Bio-LE
This composite material can generate “human body ecological base” beneficial to health when it contacts human body, which can rapidly infiltrate skin at 3-5 cm. It has the functions of improving the permeability of vessels, activating immunocytes like Langerhans cell and lymphocyte, all-roundly promoting automatic nerve reflex, adjusting vegetative nerve functions, promoting biological signal conduction and cell movement vigor and accelerating the activation and synthesis of protein, enzyme, growth factor and antibody to enhance physical fitness, delay senility and achieve the preventive and therapeutic effect.

Bio-Activity Element
Bio-Activity Element (Bio-AE) is a functional medical material, made from various biomaterials and Chinese herbal medicine by nanometer-sized non-crystal technique on the foundation of Bio-Light Element

The Mechanism of Bio-AE
Bio-Activity Element also can release specific “human body ecological base”, which can intellectually rehabilitate cells and tissues through the synergy of different factors and have adjuvant treatment for those symptoms caused by tissue injury andcell damage.
The Differences between Bio-LE and Bio-AE
comprehensively speaking, Bio-LE stresses the improvement on circulation system and disease conquering, especially to eliminate trash caused by blood disease. While Bio-AE focuses on the repairing and activating cells and tissues. For example, the senility of human body is the senility of cellular activity. In the process of metabolism, the growth of new cells to replace aged cells is what keeps the balance and vitality of body.

The Functions of Bio-LE and Bio-AE on Human Body
Bio-LE and Bio-AE are two composite medical materials. They can release various physical factors, biological factors, physical factors and chemical factors, which can infiltrate into skin, blood capillaries and arteries. The synergy of these factors can effectively activate the activity of immune cells such as Langerhans cells and lymphocytes abundant in hypodermis, strengthen cell metabolism, improve blood circulation, enhance the supply of blood and oxygen supply, reduce platelet aggregation and adhesion to dredge blood vessels and all-roundly promote automatic nerve reflex. The two composite medical materials aim at changing pathological evolution in order to slow or halt the disease progress and may have treatment effect on hyperviscosity, hyperlipidemia and cardiovascular diseases.

1.    Diminish inflammation,
2.    Relive pain.
3.    Promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis.
4.    Reduce viscosity
5.    Lower blood lipid
6.    Enhance body immunity.
7.    Enhance tissue regeneration.
8.    Play a role in bidirectional regulation
9.    Have no toxic-side effect.

From the above detailed account of Bio-LE and Bio-AE, we know that the Bio-LE & Bio-AE series of products can not only make skin more delicate, elastic and tough to maintain the vigour of skin but also achieve the preventive and therapeutic effects to strengthen physical fitness and delay body senility.

The Comparison between Bio-LE & Bio-AE series of products and products of the same kind

Among various health care products in the China market, Bio-LE & Bio-AE series of products exclusively developed, produced and operated by Yuanguang Development Group have gained the registration certificate of Class II Medical Devices approved by SFDA and double batch number of health care product. With the cure rate above 87%, the products are permitted to be applied in the medical institutions.

What are Class II Medical Devices?   Let’s take a look at medical device classification.

Class I Medical Devices are those for which manufacturing standards are required but clinical tests are non-essential including infusion tube, surgical scissors and mask.

Class II Medical Devices are those with the need for specific treatment result, animal tests and human clinical tests for which the further control is required to ensure no side effect, safety and effectiveness.

Class III Medical Devices Class III Medical Devices are those such as stent and catheter which are implanted into the human body and must be strictly controlled in respect to safety and effectiveness.

Bio-Light Element and Bio-Activity Element focus on the efficiency of treatment for diseases and are radically different from single physical factor products such as for IR products.

What are the differences between them?

Difference on materials

Bio-Light Element composite medical material is made from pure natural bio-material and medicinal material through nanometer-sized non-crystal technique according to medical pharmacopeia, which, more targeted and beneficial to human body, absolutely has no side effect and gives off no harmful rays

Far IR products are made from molten mineral materials raw merged with polypropylene fiber and polyurethane fiber at high temperature by wire-drawing.

Difference on wavelength
Human body can radiate light and convert energy that can generate a bio-wave with the length of-28μm.
The wavelength of what Bio-Light Element releases is 5-26μm, very similar to that of bio-wave from human body. Therefore the waves released by Bio-Light Element and Bio-Activity Element are more easily absorbed by human body and resonate with human body bio-wave to strengthen its energy and produce better effect.

The wavelength of what far IR products release is between 4-15μm, so these products’ function on human body is very limited.

Difference on therapeutic mechanism

With scientific compatibility of medicines, various therapeutic factors Bio-Light Element and Bio-Activity Element contain are more targeted to different diseases on different locations.

Far IR products only improve micro-circulation through warm effect of waves.

Difference on product efficacy

Bio-Light Element and Bio-Activity Element are made from various pure natural bio-materials and medicinal materials, which contain a variety of therapeutic factors with not only physical therapeutic effect but also biological and medicinal therapeutic effect. The two composite medical materials obviously improve the health condition for the people with diabetes and those disease caused by the disturbance of blood circulation such as hyperlipidemia and hypertension.

Far IR products only have the physical treatment effect of light wave.

Difference on manufacturing techniques
Bio-Light Element & Bio-Activity Element health keeping garments are basically made from naturally colored cotton, non-allergic, non-irritating and mild to skin. The biomaterial is attached to the cotton through special technique with large contacting surface and strong medicinal effect.

Far IR products are made from molten mineral materials raw merged with polypropylene fiber and polyurethane fiber, irritating to skin to some extent.

Difference on the ways products act on human body

Bio-Light Element and Bio-Activity Element act on human body through skin, blood capillary, fluid circulation and aorta.

Far IR products act on human body through skin and blood capillary.

The therapeutic effect of product depends on its material. Different materials result in different therapeutic effects.