Analgesic plaster to Bio-light element

Patent Number therapeutic patch of the invention: 962187542

Main cast:

Bio-light element, the secret recipe of an ancient Chinese medicine, the natural essence of herbaceous plants: Chinese clematis, Boswellia Carter, menthol, wintergreen oil, sesame oil and other valuable products of traditional Chinese medicine.
The effect on the body of the patch:

has a strong anti-rheumatic, analgesic effect, it stimulates blood circulation, removes blood stasis, pain and inflammation.
It is used for rheumatism, herniated discs, strain of lumbar muscles, soft tissue injuries, pain in limbs, muscle and joint pain, swelling of the joints.
Mode of application:

Recommended DPJ external application. Paste adhesive on the affected area, wash affected skin with warm water or an alcohol solution. Change the patch after 3 days.

pregnancy, exacerbation of skin diseases, hypersensitivity components. Not recommended for use in open wounds.
Mechanism of action:  
One solution, a combination of Chinese and Western medicine, the effect of four, five benefits of this product:
Bio-light element (has exclusive technology, was awarded a gold medal Eurika at the 54th World Exhibition of Innovations) – strong penetration, act directly on the disease site.
This product perfectly combines the secret recipe of an ancient Chinese medicine with the latest modern technology (Bio-light element). When sticking plaster on a sore point or place biovolny Bio-light element to quickly penetrate the skin to 3-5cm directly to the site of disease, regulate blood circulation, activates cells, enhance the phagocytic function of neutrophils and macrophages to the diseased cells, restore and enhance the regenerative capacity of the inflamed tissues. Thus, carried out the removal of pain, restoration of damaged tissues, restoring normal physiological functions of the body’s
secret recipe for ancient Chinese medicine – the removal of pain, the treatment is not only the external symptoms of the disease, but the disease per se.
This drug combines the secret recipe of ancient Chinese medicine with a variety of valuable Chinese medicine herbs. Owing to such activation composition Bio-luminous element that emits biovolny coinciding with biovolnami human body, the resonance magnetic field is created. Due biovolnam, there is stimulation of acupuncture points of the body, cleaned energy channels, improves circulation of vital energy. In addition, the components of herbal Chinese medicine absorbed into the body, has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, stimulating blood circulation and dissolving blood stasis effect.
The combination of a secret recipe of ancient Chinese medicine with modern technology monopoly – is the realization of the practical effect of 1 + 1> 2.
The perfect combination of a secret recipe of ancient Chinese medicine with modern technology monopoly became the basis for the award of these products of international gold medal;