This cup adopts nanometer negative ions. It can break up big water molecules into small ones by its actions on normal water molecules, making water more easily absorbed into the body cells. Water contains two atoms; hydrogen and oxygen which have to undergo ionization process before it is absorbed. An ion is an atom or group of atoms with electrical charge. ionization is the dissociation of molecules forming ions.

  • Water molecules are magnetized in magnetic field increasing the oxygen content in the water which has small molecules for easier solubility, with more oxygen ions. Long term drinking water activated by this cup promote:
  • Metabolism
  • Activate cells
  • Modulate body’s balance to achieve the effect of repelling toxins
  • Improve skin complexion
  • Increase appetite
  • Boost the body’s immune system thereby preventing disease and resisting sub-health condition.
  • It is also has beneficial effect for digestion.
  • Has a therapeutic effect on certain chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and

The YouSund Nano cup selects high-activity of the micron-level titanium Dioxide(TiO2), Zinc oxide (ZnO) and healthy material which carries on allocation scientifically; it synthetically utilizes biophysics, the material study, the medicine, the engineering and other high and new technologies. The micron material is special equipment that issed to elevate temperature, solidify, cool and the micron maternal at the base of the cup completes ionization process.

Products function

  • The Nano-micron materials is the Yousund nanometer cup include many kinds of material substance and several dozen kinds of trace elements. Using the Nano water can make up water mineral substance and trace elements, increase content of the dissolved oxygen in the water, and achieve the activation of human body cell function and human body immunity.

Products features

  • Strong Decomposition: Nano-micron material in Yousund nanometer cup has good stability, it does not decompose, dissolve, detoriate, but it may also decompose the harmful pathogens in the water, suppress effectively the backwoods coli the golden yellow staphylococcus, simultaneously can reduce the lead, fluorine and other harmful substances by several folds in the water
  • Strong solution: Nano-water is good carrier of some nutrients. The small molecular grouping water volume is small, the surface area is big, but may be quicker, easily dissolves and wraps each nutritive elements, speeds up the human body to many kinds of mineral substance and several dozen kind of trace elements absorption and usage.

Polar molecule

  • The small molecule volume compared to ordinary water ensures faster velocity and high cell metabolism.
  • Smaller molecular volume quickens absorption rate in the body cells.
  • Strong Metabolism; The small molecular grouping circulates fast between the blood vessel and the cell, transports the oxygen and every kind of nutrients to each tissue cell of the body, enhanced metabolism increases toxins elimination out of the body thereby protecting the body against its harmful effects

Nanometer functional Test (Application)

  1. Pour water (liquid) into the cup for 15-20 minutes, the large molecule grouping of the water decompose into small molecular grouping state which makes it smooth and gentle in the on drinking ; the wine taste is fragrant and mellow.
  2. Putting the cigarette into the cup 15-20 minutes or more, can decompose the nicotine substance effectively in the cigarette, and make the taste gentle and environment friendly.

Healthy Tips.
Yousund Nano cup can be used by people suffering from the following condition

  • Gastro intestinal patients; Like gastritis gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcers, hyperactivity, dyspepsia etc .With Yousund Nano water ,it can strengthen gastric juice secretion function, promote the stomach and intestine creeping motion, strengthen the intestinal tract digestion; the absorptive quality is enhanced greatly. It may also improve intestinal tract’s environment, balance bacteria colony mutually, produce benignly, avoid or reduce material that may produce the erosion and increase the acidity.
  • Diabetic patients; Insulin that is secreted from the pancreas has the functions of decomposing blood’s glucose, making it to give out energy. With Yousund Nano-water it may cause the adjustment of islet cells’ metabolism, make it restore to normalcy gradually.
  • Cardiovascular patients; Coronary disease is mostly caused by fat accumulation in the coronary artery, which causes the normal blood flow to be blocked. With Yousund Nano water, is advantageous to fats, decomposition, and excretion and cardiac muscle to supply oxygen and restore cardiac muscle vigor.
  • Hypertension patients; many of them have acidic blood and the most obvious cause of the disease is excess cholesterol in the blood vessels which makes them narrow. The Yousund Nano water can eliminate the blood’s acidity, lower blood pressure and soften blood vessels
  • Constipation patients; when using the Nano water, the smallest water molecule grouping’s strong solubility and strong metabolism discharges harmful toxins from the system.
  • The cosmetology effects; when using the Nano water, its small grouping increase s hydro energy by the cell absorption, makes the cell have high water contents improving the facial color, rough and dry skin, wrinkles, pigmentation, clear color sports easily etc. because of the human body water scarcity, it has a distinct functional improvement

NB: After using the cup for every two weeks put the cup under the sun (morning sun) for thirty minutes to increase the polarity effect.
A new concept of healthy water in 21st century — Yousund Nano health cup
There are three balances; the body temperature balance, nutritional balance, acid-base balance, When there is acid base imbalance in the human body, cells normally physiological functions will have problems, because body fluids is the living environment of cells, if the environment of cells has been polluted ; the cells will lead to aging and death rapidly .

Cells are the basic unit of human body; the human body fluid is the inner environment for the survival of cells, the quality of body fluids is directly related to the health of the human body.
The normal body fluids enable the cell metabolism to be normal; making the body to have healthy status. For example, supposing fish is a cell, and pure water is healthy water body fluid, fish live in pure water that has pure life, living in mildly contaminated water will lose its vitality, living in highly contaminated water leads only to death. Mean while if cells are separated from healthy environment, metabolism will b abnormal, the body might become sub-health, illness, even death, so the health of body fluids is the real health, in facts all the diseases are caused by acid base imbalance that leads to the death of cells. Modern people eat too much acidic foods which lead to many diseases which are acid poison

Just try to operate your machine —brain, thinking over that unluckily your body fluids is just acid, and the most fragile organ in the body is the pancreas, cells cannot work, cannot produce pancreatic juice in the acid and sordid environment, so diabetes will result,

Just think of it again, in order to survive; cells should change their gene to adapt the environment in the acid and the sordid environment. In the acid and sordid environment, human immunity system function will go down, and cannot recognize and clean these variant cells, tumor and cancer will happen

There are 5 main reasons leading to acid body;

Food irrational structure; the PH of the scientific food ratio should be 1:3

Lack of exercise: more exercise produces more sweat, which can remove excess acid.

Heavy psychological burden (stress): When the spirit pressure cannot release, it will lead to the acid substance

Bad habit: tobacco, alcohols are typical acidic food, uncontrolled use of these substances easily to the acid body

Life without irregularity: people , who eat food at late night, do not have breakfast, easily get acid body

The harm of acidity in the body

  • People with acid body are regularly fatigue
  • Memory declines.
  • Lumbar acid, leg pains, weakness, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia,
  • Diarrhea, constipation ,etc
  • 85% of gout, hypertension, cancer, patients with hyperlipidemia have acidic body. So Doctors

put forward that acidic body may lead to source of illness.

Case study1 ; Women with acidic body may lead to ; ageing quickly, wrinkles on face , uterine fibroid, ovarian cyst, irregular menstruation, breast hyperplasia…..

Case study 2; Children with acidic body may lead to; anorexia hyperactivity in problem)….children, cold (easily, hypertension, obesity , myopic , diabetes leukemia nephropathy kidney

Case study 3; men with acidic body may lead to hypertension due to high blood lipid; fatty liver gout, obese uremia and ulcers.

Case study 4; Old people with acidic body may lead to arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction , dementia, asthma

The following facts shoes the harm of acid poison to health

  • Inhibits the activity of cells

70% of the human body is made up by water, the water mainly constitute body fluid, including blood , tissue fluid and lymph, cells live in body fluid, for cells to survive we must have a good body fluid environment, that is, to maintain body fluids acid-base balance. Its very dangerous for the people with acidic body because their body fluids are polluted by acidic substances and the acidic-base balance is destroyed. Just like fish lives in the polluted water

  • Fatigue easily
  • The people with acidic body may feel physical fatigue, memory loss, attention is not focused, leg pains. When the PH of the body is under 7.00, people may have illness; when less than 6.90, people may become irritable patients, if between 6.80 and 6.70, may die.
  • Stagnate toxin easily ( not easy to expel toxins)

Food will become acidic after decomposition in the body, such as protein breaks down phosphoric acid; these metabolisms are all acidic, so they need alkaline substances as calcium, magnesium, sodium potassium to neutralize, especially calcium ion. When the blood is polluted, the concentration of calcium ions will be lower than before, and the acid poison can lead to acidic body, also can lead to some chronic diseases.

  • Easily get diabetes

Research shows that when pH goes down 0.1 the activity of insulin will go down by 30%and this can aggravate metabolism, increase body acid, lead to vicious cycle, and also aggravate diabetes

  • Cardio-cerebral vascular diseases

A lot of fatty acids, cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein in the blood do accumulate to form acidic body, and acidic substances will further promote in the size of atherosclerosis, vicious cycle, blocked blood vessels, will lead to a serious stroke, herrt disease, arteriosclerosis.

  • Increase the disease of bones

The human body fluid lean to acid, calcium and acid in the blood will have a combination of calcium-salt. This density of calcium in the blood will be reduced, and in order to maintain the density of calcium in the blood at a stable state the calcium in the bones will be dissolved and added to the blood, thus the osteoporosis results

  • Promote the development and occurrence of cancer. Research shows that cancer patients have 100% acidic body. Cancer is the result of cell mutation. Every day, there are about 10 thousands cells mutation, but because the phagocytosis of immune active cells, people do not get cancer. When Ph is lower between 6.85 and 6.95, immune cells activity will reduce, however the activities of cancer cells will b consolidated, so the cancer will be formed .Then cancer cells combine with blood vessel cells to complete transfer in the acid environment. It’s the natural law-survival of the fittest

WHO research shows a group of data —- there are more than 90% patients dying of a disease caused by acidic body. Acid body can lead to more than 150 diseases, there is no time delay to change the acid body, terminate vicious circle.

For the health of all the people, Yuan Guang international group combines modern technology and develops Yousund Nano cup to improve acid body. Nowadays, majorities are satisfied with drinking clean and safe water to maintain lives, need, but they ignore that active water can change acid body environment. Human health and life are closely related to water , human health is first from the water, the Nano cup brings health water to change acid environment, lead to a revolution about health care water, promote the concept of drinking scientific and health water .

Yousund nano functional cup can emit bio-light energy, also can make big molecular grouping water by 13-15 microns decomposing for the small molecular grouping water which is composed of 5-7 hydrogen, the water is recognized as” small molecule functional water ‘’ all over the world. The water has four characteristics which are solubility, decomposition, permeability and metabolic activity.

Nano active water has the following characteristics

Sterilization and inhibiting bacteria; antibacterial rate reach98, 99.99% to coli bacillus and golden staphylococcus and also reach 97.65to bacteria.

Activate water function; Yousund Nano cup can make big molecular grouping water into small molecular grouping water, it’s the healthy water, activated water, energetic water. It also can improve the acid environment of body fluid, enhance cells activity, accelerate metabolism, and enhance immunity and some other functions.

Toxin decomposition function; small molecular grouping water has four features; they are strong solubility, decomposition, permeability and metabolic activity. It can infiltrate blood cells deeply, decompose toxins and expel them out of the body

Bio-light function; it can emit 5to 25 micron bio-light which is absorbed by body easily , penetrate into the skin by 3 to 5 cm underneath the skin to produce resonance effect, warm effect double adjusting effects…. This can activate cells function, improve human microcirculation and enhance metabolism and immunity.

Necessary micro elements supply; it also contains some micro elements such as Iron, copper, manganese, magnesium zinc, calcium chromium in the nano materials. Using Yousund nano cup frequently, you can supply necessary micro elements, and also have the function of longevity

Yousund Nano cup can change the normal water into healthy, activated, energetic water which can activate body cells in 5minutes, we can get the magical health care effects in 5 minutes by experiment, and it’s very miraculous.


It is a simple and indisputable fact -oxygen is necessary to sustain life. Clinical studies show that a human being can live for days without water, and weeks without food – but without oxygen biological death begins within 3 minutes. Oxygen is the miraculous element that permits life to exist and flourish on earth!

While our body bodies require many nutrients on a daily basis, oxygen is the single most important substance taken into the body

  • Oxygen is a necessary component in every chemical reaction important to human physiology
  • Oxygen nourishes cells,
  • It provides with the energy needed to metabolize carbohydrates.
  • It allows chemical transport
  • Breaks down waist products and toxins
  • Regulate the PH of body chemistry
  • Drives the desire to breath e
  • Fights hostile organism

Oxygen is the undisputed king of body chemistry, and as such is your body’s most important nutrient! The facts are simple – a parasite, virus, amoeba, fungus or bacteria cause all disease! The solution is also simple – NONE of those hostile organisms can live in an environment with high concentrations of oxygen!

Have you ever wondered what oxygen really does for you?

If you are like most people you have probably taken oxygen for granted.

  • Create energy
  • Digest food
  • Metabolize fat metabolize carbohydrates
  • Transport Gases across Cell membranes
  • Manufacture hormones, proteins and other chemicals
  • Regulate pH
  • Incite the body to breathe
  • Clean and detoxify toxins
  • Eradicate virus, amoeba, parasites, fungus or bacteria
  • And much more…

In addition to breath clean air, our bodies were also intended to get oxygen from water. Water, a substance chemically known as hydrogen hydroxide’ is two parts hydrogen- H2 and one part oxygen-O=H2O.

Supplementing you oxygen intake by ingesting water was practical when life was simpler, but how many of us now drink naturally oxygenated water from a fast moving stream? Or clean fresh rainwater? Have you ever noticed that you pets prefer to drink rainwater from puddles instead of the chemically treated chlorinated and fluoridated tap water that is in their bowls? Most water found in homes is chemically polluted with halogens such as chlorine or fluorine and as such is ‘dead water’ our bodies still need much more oxygen than breathing deeply and water can provide.

Every cell of the body needs oxygen to function properly because Oxygen is essential to cleansing and feeding you cells.

If you have ever experienced aching, burning muscles after exertion you have seen this phenomenon for yourself! The burning and pain comes from the buildup of lactic acid – ones of your body’s waste products that is created when you don’t have enough oxygen to meet you muscles demand!

Basing on the above facts about oxygen; BIO-ENERGY HEALTH PRESERVING CUP is a must have for all families for better health and quality life.