Breast Care Pads

Breast care pads with bios

National invention general-purpose, patent numbers:
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Health Benefits.

 This product alleviates many diseases and health defects in the breasts. Powerful Bio-light Technology /nanotechnology focuses on alleviating mastitis and several problematic diseases.

Reactivation (recovery of viability) histiocytes in the chest, increase oxygen supply of cells, an improvement of the chest. Improved circulation chest, preventing chest pain during menstruation and the climacteric period (menopause stage). Prevention of breast diseases.

Indications for use

– Women suffering from hyperplasia of the breast, mastitis

– When the pain in the chest during menstruation, with a shortage of milk during lactation.

– Women suffering from breast hypoplasia, and as a preventive measure.

Instructions for use.

  1. Provide direct contact with active elements of the breast skin.
  2. Prolonged usage increases breast firming and enlargement incase of small size
  3. Usage of this product is permitted in the period of medical treatment.
  4. Wearing in combination with other products of Yousund has amazing restorative and healing effect.

Wash with neutral detergent at a temperature not higher than 40 degrees. Do not soak, gentle hand washing is recommended. Drying under natural conditions in the shade to avoid direct sunlight. Protect products from sharp objects to avoid damage. Taking into account the implementation of these recommendations, products can withstand over 400 washings, the validity of biophotons – 3 years from the date of commencement of use.


  1. When bleeding or bleeding tendency.
  2. After surgery on the heart (a heart valve replacement, grafting, etc.)

3.Do not dry at a high temperature after washing.

  1. In the postoperative period we recommend a limited and cautious use of the product

[Action product]
1. It improves blood circulation in the chest and rib cage, increases blood flow, oxygen and nutrients in the chest area.
2. Increases breast tissue metabolism and cellular activity, contributes to the breast, making it a full and healthy.
3. Improves microcirculation, copes with petechiae;
4. Outputs of hydrogen ions from the body, the body reduces the need for oxygen, activates the recovery and regeneration of cells.
5. Clears the capillaries, making them more elastic, removes blood stasis.
1. In the event of development of a breast.
2. In chronic inflammation of the mammary gland hyperplasia, mastitis and various breast tumors.