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Card with Bio-activity element for students

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What is the standard of excellent students?   Intelligence and wisdom

What expectations do most parents have of their children?   Intelligence and wisdom


Yousund bio-light students’ card is the best gift to children from parents       

Pay attention today, be successful in the future  

Theory techniques

Yousund bio-light students’ card combines many kinds of absolute natural biological medicine materials. According to Chinese traditional medicine that if pain, for the channel is blocked, if unimpeded, it will not pain; it is made of nano and micron non-crystal through internationally advanced technology, natural and has no side effects.

Function mechanism.

Bio-light Students’ card is combined non-touched remedial theory and nano and micron non-crystal technology. The natural material which the products used can emit biological light-waves of 5μm~25μm; penetrate the skin by 3 to 5 centimeters. It can activate cells to produce resonance, which leads to high-frequency micro-vibration of blood vessels, and then breaks the lipid deposit attached to the inner wall of blood vessels, in this way, the volume of blood vessels is enlarged and circulation resistance is decreased. Thus it enhances the body’s micro-circulation, activates the immune cells and can produce clear health effects.

Product effects

1.The brain cells can be fully supplied with oxygen and nutrients to enhance metabolism, so that the cerebral cortex imbalances change.

2.Stimulate the secretion of pituitary of young people, and promote brain cells and physical development.

Sphere of application

1.Youth and students who are in growth

2.Obstacles of brain function, “ADHD children” of school-age children

3.People with “syndrome before exams”


Tips on how to use

1.Put it in front of the chest area.

2.Time of wearing: health care 4-8 hours, treatment 4-12 hours, better effects for wearing 24hours

3.From the day you begin to use, it gives good effects for three years.

4.Double health care effects when wearing with other bio-light series products.


Notice items

1.Preserve in dry, normal temperature

2.Don’t scratch or break the card surface

3.Do not marinate it in the water, clean it with wet cloth.

Use forbidden

1.Having Heart pacemaker or heart failure

2.Sufferers of hyperpyrexia use carefully

3.The patients who have just finished operation (including heart bypass surgery, heart stent, and changing valve)