Glycosides rattan postprandial tea

Glycosides rattan postprandial tea is made of tender vine shoot tips picked in early spring, refined through processes of drying, kneading, low temperature fermentation, baking, etc. It not only preserves its unl~que nutrient composition to the greatest extent , but also gives an experience of elegant aroma , mellow taste, first painstakingly sweet, a long lingering aftertaste and a unique flavor after brewing
Glycosides rattan postprandial tea is rich in active plant flavonoids and meanwhll~ e contains 17 kinds of amino acids essential to human body such as leucine, isoleuc~me, etc. and 14 kinds of trace elements such as potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, etc. It~s been tested that vine tea has 9. 31% of active plant flavonoid content. So its known as ” King of Plant Flavonoids”. It enjoys the reputation of “Magical Tea of High Mountain”and “Longevity Tea”

[It helps do the following functions ]

  1. Lower the sugar level and blood fat regulate blood circulation and soften
    blood vessels.
  2. Adjust  stomach  and  bowels, transfer monosaccharide
    absorbed  by  body into  amino
  3. Eliminate toxin and  beautify
  4. Anti-oxidant and anti-aging.

[Drinking  methods]

  1. Better to brew  it  in  thermos  cup.
  2. Brew with boiled water, 3  grams  each  time, drink  it after 5 minutes
  3. Each pouch can  be  brewed  three  times


Keep cool and dry after sealing
[ Note ]

This product cannot replace medicines