Health Care socks for Adults and children.

National invention general-purpose, patent numbers: 02150816.x98204677.496249469 • • 096 218 754 2  
Theory Techniques
Based on the theory of ‘removing the obstruction to relieve the pain’ in pharmacopoeia, Yousund Socks take conformity with various natural materials, which are green,  natural and without toxin or side effects.

Product functions
1. It improves feet microcirculation, activate volar immunocytes, relieve fatigue and pain and guard against various feet ailments.
2. It can ease off fatigue and pain which will improve body health.
3. The product will keep the feet warm, and holds the functions of moisture conditioning.

[Action product]

  1. Effectively improves blood vessels of the legs, and accelerate inflow of blood flow, improve blood supply to the tissue cells with oxygen and nutrients..
  2. Relieves inflammation and swelling, provide good air circulation, softens and removes the pain in his legs.


  1. In rheumatoid arthritis, leg numbness, “spurs”, “corns”, etc.
  2. If cracks foot, frostbite of extremities, sweating feet, unpleasant odor, etc.
  3. When the pain, swelling and other ailments of the foot and heel.
  4. People suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, etc.

Sphere of application
1. Help cure ailments due to weak peripheral circulation, such as, rheumatism, numb feet, desiccation, cold, chilblain, varix and spasm in the calves, etc.
2. For people with various feet ailments, such as, foot damnification, athlete’s foot and odor, etc.
3. The product will also benefit people in need of feet health and body health improvement