Kneepads with bios

National invention general-purpose, patent numbers:
02150816.x98204677.496249469 • • 096 218 754 2

[Action product]
1. It stimulates the regenerative and restorative functions of cells damaged reticular apparatus, fights inflammation, edema, retards the growth of bacteria.
2. Improves the activity of tissue cells in the joints, muscle tendons more flexible and more durable fabric chondrocytes.
3. Reduces the formation of substances that cause inflammation and pain, reduces the burning pain and swelling, can eradicate the rheumatoid joint disease.
1. Rheumatic and rheumatoid arthritis.
2. When the pain in the joints caused by senile bone-articular pathologic changes and other causes.
3. Having bursitis, problems such as tendinitis and inflammation of the knee/ elbow joint.
4. Suffering from inflammation and bone and joint pains, and injuries caused by trauma.
5. People involved in sports to protect joints during exercise and exercise.
6. Having varicose veins, cramps and numbness