Miraculous Diamond

Miraculous diamond with Bio-activity element for the throat

National invention general-purpose, patent numbers: 02150816 02157796 • X • X • 0 96218754 96249469 • 2


Selected several kinds of natural medicinal materials and adopted advanced non-crystal technology, Yousund Bio-light Miraculous Necklace is made by the combination of nano bio-light material with pottery and manufactured through high temperature and polish on the surface.

Biolight boost blood circulation
Yousund Biolight Miraculous Necklace can release biolight waves ranging from 5μm to 25μm, which will penetrate into the skin 3-5 cm and make the blood vessels vibrating in high frequency so as to break down the fat deposits on the inner side of the blood vessel, enlarge capacity of the vessel, reduce the resistance of the blood, improve the micro circulation and boost immune cells.
While wearing, the beads will release biolight which will influence throat and neck so as to relieve the tiredness, boost immune cells and dispel toxins.
Tiredness and tight of the throat, itching and coughing…You will even be disturbed in daily conversations.

How to acquire healthy and beautiful voice?
The Yousund Bio-light Miraculous Necklace is good for pharynx and larynx, every is magical
Miraculous Necklace is made of three beads of different specifications and each of the beads has bio-light function which will enhance the effect of the product so as to protect your throat.

Scale of application
Prevent and treat bronchitis, tonsil inflammation, cough and asthma.

1. Usage period: take care of your body 4~12 hours wearing 4~8 hours every day, the effect is better if worn for the whole day.
2. Enlarge the healthcare function when used together with bio-light series products.

1. No touching with sharp tools to avoid damages.
2. The healthcare function is effective for 3 years from the day of first usage.

1. Pacemaker users, heart failure patients
2. Patients with high fever