Multibead necklace

Clears and nourishes the throat while protecting cervical vertebrae

Product Overview:

To create the Multibead necklace, various kinds of natural bio-materials were selected and processed via state of the art crystal-free technology. These miniscule biological elements (including bio-photons) were combined with a ceramic material at ultra-high temperatures and then surface-polished.

Use and Function:

Bio-light boost blood circulation

The Multibead necklace is capable of emitting bio-light waves of 5-25μm which penetrate the skin by 3-5cm and cause  high-frequency micro-vibrations in blood vessels. These slight vibrations allow the inner walls of the blood vessels to clear out lipid deposits that have collected over time. The result is an increased volume of blood within the vessels, accelerated blood flow, improved microcirculation, and the activation of immune cells.

Clears and nourishes the throat while protecting cervical vertebrae

When worn on the neck, the Multibead necklace releases bio-waves which focus on the throat and vertebrae. This can lead to an increase in energy as the wearer’s immune cells are activated and toxins are dispelled, clearing and nourishing the throat and preventing cervical diseases.

Applications: This product can aid in the prevention and treatment of pharyngitis, goiter, numbness of limbs, bronchitis, tonsil inflammation, neck pain, muscle stiffness, chronic coughing and asthma, and cervical diseases.

Neck and shoulder syndrome, dizziness and associated effects; migraine headache.

Usage Mode.

1.Wearing time: 4-8 hours for improving wellness, 4-12 hours for disease treatment, 24 hours for best results.

2.Best results will be obtained by wearing the  Shirt along with other bio-light clothing.

3.Increase daily water intake while using this product.


Avoid contact with sharp objects.

Optimum effects will be achieved within 3 years of use.

Restricted Use:

Those with abnormally high body temperature-high fever

Those suffering from organ hemorrhaging.


More and more people suffer from symptoms related to the throat and vertebrae including muscle fatigue, tightness, throat dryness or heat, severe neck pain, and back problems. These problems can be so severe that it becomes difficult to raise or turn the head. Behind these symptom lies a hidden health threat which cannot be ignored, particularly by those with existing health problems.

The Yousund Bio-Light Multibead necklace clears and nourishes the throat while protecting cervical vertebra and overall health.