Pillow with Bio-activity element

National invention general-purpose, patent numbers:
02150816.x 02157796.X 96249469 96218754 • 0 • 2 98204677.498204678.2

Action product
1. It normalizes sleep, eliminates fatigue, improves concentration and memory.
2. Effective for the treatment of cerebrovascular diseases such as stroke, cerebral thrombus, hypertension, brain atrophy, etc.
3. Reduces fatigue caused due to load in learning and at work.

1. insomnia, hypersomnia, irritability, with menstrual disorders, menopause, etc.
2. For cerebral arteriosclerosis, and other cerebrovascular diseases.
3. People whose work involves with constant excessive load and stress of the brain, nervous exhaustion.
4. cervical spondylosis, neck osteochondrosis, with limbs numbness, etc.
5. For the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. Elderly people suffering from senile impotence. 

People living in cities with polluted environment, high altitude areas, the inhabitants of the polar