Yousund bio-light sanitary pad is a new product which adopts advanced nano-micro non-crystal technology to make bio-light materials adhere to the sanitary pad. The bio-light emitted by the products which can activate the immune cells, anti-inflammatory and pain; stop itching and deodorization, it’s good for a variety of day-to-day care and prevent gynecological diseases.



Nano-micro bio-light materials, bactericidal deodorization, anti-inflammatory and stop itching

Cotton surface, dry and comfortable, without any stimulus

Take off the adhesive plaster, and put the pad on the middle of underpants


Tips on how to use

1.Tasteless, without any side effects and stimulating

2.Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, deodorization, stops itching, and applies to patients with hemorrhoids

3.Ladies can use it during the non-menstrual period, and it can keep a clean, comfortable, no smell environment for private parts.

4.For a long-term use it can ease matrix cold, and it is conducive to enhancing sexual function

soft and skin protection


The people who have allergy should use it with caution

Quality guaranteed: 3years