Shengtai Nutritional capsules

ExceptionaI choice for anti-aging products

Once upon a time, you may either feel upset for losing your youth and vitality, of feel sad for the forehead wrinkles indicated the vicissitudes of life, even feel helpless for the Increasing spots on your face! Imagine: How could we have rights without health? How could we enjoy the wealth without health? Nowadays many aristocratic classes, induding billionaires, gold-collar gentlemen, whitecollar ladies, a ants, athletes, etc., are taking health care Products composed of either coenzyme Q t o or lycopene to balance their health.


Main Ingredients




Coenzyme Qt


75 mg


Lycopene (content 6%)


1OOO. O mg


Vitamin C


100. O mg


Vitamin E


10. 0 mg


Main ingredients function 

    • Coenzyme QIO is a kind of fat-soluble natural vitamin substance existed in living
      organisms, a activator of cellular metabolism and cellular respiration,. and an important
      anti-oxidants and non-specific immunostimulants, which can restrain “Oxidation of LDL
      (low Density LipoProtein) in fatty and serum on cells membrane from the”oxide, and can
      gist all kinds of adverse environmental factors to the skin and brain., irig important
      nutrition and ideal anti-aging product, coenzyme QIO has already been listed as food
      nutritional fortifier by US FDA.

Medicine proved that coenzyme QI0 has the following functions:

      1. Guards against myocardial ischemia effect
      2.  Increases cardiac output reduce the peripheral resistance, and contribute to the anti Heart-Failure effect
      3. Serves as anti- arrhythmias effect
      4.  Decreases peripheral vascular resistance.
      5. Activates the body’s cells and its energy, improve immunity, enhance the anti-oxidation, anti-aging and strengthen human vitality
    • lycoPene is a kind of carotenoids and also one of the strongest antioxidant in nature
      which is two times as strong as b”carotene and 100 times as good as vitamin E. in the fields of clearing free radicals (also called as” the source of all diseases”) the effect of lycopene is more powerful than  b-Carotene. Thomson, a scientist well as a professor in British Cambridge University proved that tomato a has a significant effect  on preventing  strock and heart disease .( source from the June 2, 2009 News Network International newsletter). The human body itself cannot produce lycopene, so it needs to take it inform of dietary. However, one tomato = 0.05mg lycopene, one capsule = lycopne from 120 tomatos.

Medicine proved that lycopene has the following functions:

  1. Prevention and suppression of cancer: the latest research shows that daily intake of 30 mg lycopene, may be able to prevent prostate cancer, gastrointestinal cancer and
    bladder cancer and other cancers.
  2. Cardiovascular  protection:  lycopene  plays  an  important  role  in  reducing  LDL
    oxidation for the  prevention and treatment of high cholesterol and hyperlipidemia,
    which can slow the development of cardiovascular disease.
  3. Suppression   mutagenesis:  an   important  mechanism   of  tumorigenesis   is   that histocyte  becomes  gene  mutation  under  the  outside  mutagen,  and  lycopene  can block this process to develop the anti-cancer effect.
  4. Anti-aging, strengthening the immune system: lycopene can effectively remove the body of free radicals to maintain normal cell metabolism and prevent aging.
  5. Lycopene  also has a strong hangover effect. Alcohol in the human body’s mebolic process mainly is redox reaction, and will produce large amounts of free radicals.
  6. Therefore,  it can  reduce alcohol  on the liver damage  by usually taking  Sheng-taicapsules.
  •  vitamin  C,  vitamin  E:  being  a  necessary  substance  to  maintain  the  body’s  normal
    physiological functions but generally not produced in the body. Vitamin C and vitamin E,
    as a natural anti-oxidant, has been widely recognized

Advantages Of Sheng-tai capsule     

Sheng-tel   capsule   scientifically  combines   coenzyme   QIO,   lycopene, 2vitamin   C,with
vitamin E together to make all kinds of nutrients fully develop a maxim compatibility.    III
particular, it has a much better effect than a single substance in improving human immunesystem, enhancing the anti-oxidation, delaying anti-aging and strengthening human vitality

Verification of Sheng-t ai capsuIe
Sheng-tai capsule has been tested and verified by the following scientific places:
Liaoning Province Disease Prevention and Control Center, has conducted the stability
tests, hygiene experhneats,  stability verifications and the second stage  of toxicology tests

Health Care Food Function Tester Center -College of Application ArtS and Science of
Beijing United University,

Liaoning  Province  Disease  Prevention  and  Control  Center,  respectively  conducted  a series of animal tests on antioxidant Reaction and enhancing immunity function;
Beijing   Disease  Prevention  and  Control  Center  and   Chinese  Medicine  Research
Institute Xiyuan Hospital conducted a trial human body test on antioxidant function.
Being tested by the above institutions, Shen    capsule owns the health care function of
antioxidant, alleviating physical fatigue and enhancing immunity.