Shengtai Selenium-Enriched Gynostemma Pentaphyllum Tea

Shengtai Selenium-Enriched Gynostemma Pentaphyllum Tea connects the Chinese culture with European medicine. Raw-5 leaves ginoste?-Program pyatili? Stnoy collected from selenium-rich regions of China. With a characteristic spicy-sweet flavor, sweet flavor. Color chaya- fresh greens. It contains 83 kinds of saponin single.

Miraculous effect of tea from Ginoste?-Program pyatili? Stnoy Selenium
 Lowers blood pressure, reduces fat activity and blood sugar, lowers cholesterol, prevents the development of atherosclerosis, which leads to thrombosis, calms the nerves, slows down aging, stimulates the brain, restores cells involved in losing weight, it heals the stomach and intestines, improving dream state, opposes cancer, improves immunity, eliminates the side effects of hormonal drugs enhances metabolism, normalizes the internal secretion It has antioxidant properties, etc .

About Jiaogulan
Jiaogulan is a perennial herbaceous vine with a weak, much–branched stem and short thin margin-serrated orchid-like leaves , which grows in fields and extends on grounds. Usually, it has 5-7 leaf blades, ovate-oblong or oblong-lanceolate ; its tendrils are slender,its small greenish-white flowers are unisexual and dioecious; its fruits  are spherical, glabrous and turn into black when ripened. Its flowering phase is 3-11 months and fruiting phase 4-12 months.

Summary of Jiaogulan
Jiaogulan, also called “south ginseng”, belongs to guard family which is widely indigenous to the southern reaches of China. It was considered as one of top ten restoratives in traditional Chinese medicine 1400 years ago. The beverage made from its leaves and tender shoots is regarded as good medicine to delay aging,adjust blood pressure and improve immunity and energy circulation in traditional Chinese  medicine. Its leaves contain saponin, trace elements, acid, protein, vitamins, etc.The research on Jiaogulan was started from 70s in last century. Researchers have found that large quantities of special substance, saponin in the leaves of Jiaogulan, has quite similar efficacy to ginseng but saponin of Jiaogulan is far more than that of ginseng. If ginseng contains 20 saponin, Jiaogulan should contain 84 saponin. However, the saponin of the latter is gentler than of the former and won’t cause any stimulation. The dry above ground parts of Jiaogulan used as medicines has the functions of helping produce saliva and slaking thirst, preventing illness and strengthening immunity, regulating endocrine system, clearing heat and detoxicating, triangulizing liver  and brightening eyes, lowering  lipid and losing weight, anti-cancer effect and cancer preventing, blood pressure reducing and anti-aging. Jiaogulan was once highly  praised by WHO according to the records by Chinese Academy of Sciences. Brew the leaves with hot boiled water for 3-5 minutes. It smells sweet-scented and tastes slightly bitter with a long persistent finish.

Health- Care Function Of Jiaogulan.

  • Beneficial to the digestion and absorption of food in the intestine and stomach
  • Invigorate brain and soothes nerves
  • Cares for heart and pulse
  • Strengthen Immunity
  • Anti-cancer
  • Lower lipid and lose weight
  • Anti-Allergy
  • Anti-aging and face beautifying.

What Is selenium-enriched food?
Selenium –enriched food is food rich in the micro-element selenium. Generally, it is divided into ground source-selenium –enriched food (natural selenium-enriched food)

Disease caused by selenium deficiency.
Selenium deficiency of human body would cause many diseases such as keshan disease, Kaschin-Beck disease, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, cataract, hair follicle fibrosis, hypertension, myodystrophy, ulcerative colitis and arthritis, immunodeficiency, lymphoblast cellular anemia, retinal macular degeneration and thyromegaly. All the above mentioned is directly concerned with selenium deficiency.

Selenium Efficacy.
Selenium is essential trace element for human body that can improve immunity and promote the proliferation of lymphocytes and the synthesis of immunoglobulins and anti-bodies. It has remarkable efficacy of restraining and preventing colon cancer, skin cancer, liver cancer and breast cancer. Methyl-enol, its immediate metabolites in human body, has strong anti-cancer activity. Selenium also has synergistic anti-oxidant effect with Vitamin E, allicin, linoleic acid, germanium and zinc to intensify their anti-oxidant activity. Meanwhile, selenium has the effect to relieve the toxicity of heavy metals.

Yuanguang Shengtai Selenium-Enriched Jiaogulan Tea.

Yuanguang shengtai selenium-enriched Jiaogulan Tea, integrating traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, is refined from leaves of five leaf gyynostemma herb elaborately selected from selenium- abundant areas in China. The brewed Jiaogulan tea is fresh and sweet  aftertaste and liquid color is bright and light green which is enriched with 83 kinds of monomer saponins.

Mysterious Functions of Selenium-Enriched Jiaogulan Tea.
Anti-hypertension, anti-hyperlipidemia, anti-hyperglycaemia, anti-atherosclerosis, anti-hypercholesterolemia, thrombosis inhibiting, nerve soothing, anti-aging, brain invigorating, normal cells revitalizing, weight losing, spleen and stomach strengthening, sleep improving, cancer cell formation restraining, immunity enhancing, toxic side effect of hormone drugs eliminating, metabolism  promoting, endocrine regulating, face beautifying and anti-oxidation.

Drinking Methods of Jiaogulan tea.

  1. Generally, the wild Jiaogulan is cool-natured and tastes bitter, so it is not appropriate for those with slant cold constitution and weak functions of  intestines and stomach to drink.  Those people had better drink sweet five leaf Jiaogulan. People can drink the wild Jiaogulan to clear away heat evil in their bodies.
  2. Don’t discard the first cup. The Jiaogulan is different from other ordinary tea. The tea wash is not necessary for it.
  3. The saponin Jiaogulan contents can only be resolved in boiling water. Therefore, the first brew has best effect and dumping out the first cup of water is a great waste.
  4. The water brewing Jiaogulan must be boiling.
  5. Only the boiling water above 80C  can fully resolve saponin in Jiaogulan. Don’t drink the overnight Jiaogulan tea. It will be sour overnight. You need to be careful of the Jiaogulan tea without stinky smell which has been kept for a  few days because preservatives must be added into it.
  6. Get the effective ingredients as much as possible through brewing Jiaogulan tea. Generally about 3g of Jiaogulan tea can be brewed in boiling water of 200ml for about 6 times. It is suggested that to eat the leaves of Jiaogulan tea in order to maximize the absorption of selenium enriched in tea.