Yousund Nano-Bio-light Sanitary Towel

Yousund Nano-Bio-light Sanitary Towel is an innovation for the traditional anti-bacteria sanitary towel, which integrates nano-bio-light on the surface of the sanitary towel and is of around 20nm—30nm particle diameter. The utilization of such super-fine nano-bio-light makes it own an incomparable advantage that traditional anti-bacteria sanitary towels don’t have. It enables females to fully enjoy sterilized care that nano scale noble metal offers.

Surface Material: Skin-friendly and soft cotton, nano-silver

Specification: Thin and soft cotton    8 pieces (5 pieces for day use+3 pieces for night use)

Length: 240mm for day use, 310mm for night use

Product Effects: Soft cotton and quick permeability; strong absorption; breathable basilar membrane; strong, broad-spectrum, permanent and safe sterilization; a combination package for day and night use; intimate and comfortable; drier and cleaner

It is generally acknowledged that air tightness is a great harm to females’ private parts, which can

easily damage the skin and breed bacteria. Besides, it is best to replace a sanitary towel every 2 to 3 hours

in the day and 240mm is long enough to meet

females’ demands. And hence, the length of a sanitary towel for day use is 240mm.

The research and development staff of Yousund developed a combination package for day and night

use (8 pieces for day use+2 pieces for night use) according to females’ demands during the menstrual

period on the basis of a market survey, which is convenient to carry and offers attentive care for sensitive females during the menstrual period.

Rich in nano-bio-light.  Broad-spectrum, permanent and safe sterilization.

Soft cotton and quick permeability, strong absorption, breathable basilar membrane.

A combination package for day and night use, intimate and comfortable, drier and cleaner.