I have been married for six years and have not been able to conceive, 2 Doctors said I had cysts and had to be removed. Thereafter in 2014, my sister asked me to try Yousund products which she has been using. She introduced me to panty liners and pads. I started using the products especially the liners. Unknowingly and to my Surprise I realized that in December, 2014 I had conceived and gave birth to a healthy baby boy in July 2015. I thank you Yousund very much

Ruth Mongina  - 0720776980
Ruth Mongina - 0720776980

My father had a problem of urinating he used to go to hospital but no improvement. I bought male pant and sock for him. After using them for a period of one month he started urinating normally. God bless Yousund and the products to help more people.

Robert Mutua  - 0720877455
Robert Mutua - 0720877455

This product is really working. It has worked wonders on a 9 year old boy. I gave him the eye-care pad cause he had problems with his eyes. They would at times get swollen, discolour and produce tears since childhood.
After using for less than a week the colour in the eyes cleared and had never had any eye problems again. Even his face got smooth like that of a baby. They are so happy and thank God for Yousund. Live long Yousund.

Carol Ndinda  - 0720536221
Carol Ndinda - 0720536221

This is a testimony of a friend of mine who was diagnosed with fibroids. With her condition, she could not have a child. She bought a cup, female pants, a belt, socks, tea and pads, together with panty liners. Within a period of 8 months, the doctor told her that the fibroids had shrunk. As I am writing this testimony, she has a one and a half year old child. She is so thankful to Yousund Kenya.
This other testimony is from a lady who had diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and severe back pains. She bought a cup, belt and socks. She is completely healed and she says that she sincerely owes it all to Yousund Kenya.

Frashiah Njeri (Distributor and diamond member)  - 0722849588
Frashiah Njeri (Distributor and diamond member) - 0722849588

A student card is a Yousund product which accelerate blood circulation in the body making oxygen more efficient more so in the brain. This relieves the user from stress , pain of headache and dizziness etc. I am a Salesman in another company and a distributor in Yousund. Before joining YouSund I used to do sales of between 1.2-1.5 million a Month. After buying my student card and other products and made use of it, My sales rose to 2.78 Million a month. This is because I was staying stress free. Many thanks to the founder of Yousund here in Kenya.