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In the United States opened the Pacific high-tech joint-stock company for the organization of a research laboratory, inviting experts from Stanford, Cambridge, the University of Hawaii, University of Nottingham in England, the British company Acordis.

Implementation of a group of scientists of scientific testing 436 types of natural biomaterials in the field of biophysics and biology.

A group of scientists, together with colleagues from the China Medical University, Shanghai BioAkademii, Military Medical Academy, conducted a study of natural biomaterials, as a result of which 20 kinds of biomaterials has been selected with high biotic activity.

Researchers have invented a “Bio-light element” and medical dressings based on the use of nano-technology The, followed by application to the state management of intellectual rights of the PRC for the acquisition of the rights of the patentee.

Establishment of Sino-US high-tech joint-stock company “Shaanxi-YuanGuan” and conduct clinical testing of medicinal properties “Bio-light element.” After testing, the following effects have been identified: an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, improves microcirculation, soothing, healing and others.

received the award for outstanding achievements in scientific research of China’s exclusive technology. To medical biomaterial quickly went on sale, and brought benefits to human health, a corporation organized cooperation with Xi Jing Hospital at the 4th Military Medical University, Tang Du Hospital and the city of Xi’an. They were carried out clinical inspection and testing of the therapeutic effect of products with the “Bio-light element.” The audit found that in the treatment of many diseases, achieved a positive effect.

Presentation of gold medal at the IX Fair monopoly of technologies and products in China. On the basis of the first hospital at Xian University (formerly 1st Hospital, Xi’an Medical University) study was carried out on the human body, with the direction of the complex influences bio-chemistry of the body system using “Bio-light element” for patients with cardiovascular diseases. The study concluded: in one month managed to relieve the symptoms of patients with high cholesterol and patients with cardiovascular disease.

After numerous tests dressing «COLLAT», was issued the certificate on the medical instrument class II. Joint Sino-US scientific technology company with limited liability “YuanGuang”, since 2001 year, invested heavily in research of traumatic medical dressing material of the new generation with the “Bio-light element» «COLLAT».
The Corporation made a huge contribution to the development and implementation of methods for healing injuries and revitalize tissue.
It was also received support from the Technical Department of Shaanxi Province, in the form of money for a special fund for research and development of new projects.
The General Staff of the PLA supply singled Grand for scientific research of military dressing.

Start of production of one more advanced inventions – physiotherapy mattress – a medical instrument class II – “Sheng May S-AF». Mattress with “Bio-light element” is intended for the treatment and relaxation. Release of the mattress ensures human health, in the form of an entirely new physical therapy physiotherapy rehabilitation procedures. For the corporation “YuanGuan” 2005 is outstanding, as “Sheng May S-AF», received a patent for the production of the state. Also, the gold medal, “Eureka” diplomas at the 54th World Exhibition of Innovations, Research and New Technologies. King of Belgium presented by the Chairman of the corporation “Royal Order” for bedding.

The Corporation, following the modern trends of the global market development, has introduced a completely new marketing model – “integrated marketing”, which was a breakthrough in a new era of marketing.

January 27, 2007 at the headquarters of the corporation has been organized on the occasion of celebration of the decade of the corporation “YuanGuan”, which was presented a report on the high-tech achievements. Assembly received full support from the institutions: the State Administration of Fair Trade, Industry and Commerce of Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi Province Tax Office, the Office of Fair Trade Shaanxi Province and others. In order to ensure continuous and sustainable development of the corporation at the meeting adopted a “five-year plan of the corporation” YuanGuan “.

In 2008, remembering the past, we are full of courage: for 17 years, despite the difficulties, we are all the time moving forward. For 17 years we have made great strides. We are waiting for a long journey. The greatest difficulties have been overcome. Partners of the new century “YuanGuang” set themselves great goals and go forward courageous gait and, in spite of any difficulties, ready to make the summit of the great cause.

25 th June 2011 was celebrated the third anniversary of the opening of the representative office of corporation Yuan Guan in Yekaterinburg. This ceremony was attended by Director General International Marketing Center Corporation YuanGuang, Mr. Cao Yun, with more than two hundred partners from Russia, showed that beautiful moment, and looked bright prospects for the future;
November 12, 2011. Branch Corporation Guang Yuan in Kenya (YOUSUND KENYA) was opened. Creating a branch office in Kenya has laid a solid foundation for the global strategy and business expansion in the global scope, to implement the mission of the Corporation, “We strive to create a healthy, happy future for all mankind” ..
10th December 2011 Training System TTS Yuan Guang Corporation was formally established. Creating a TTS system to provide strong support and service in the training and management experience, the development teams at global rate. This event symbolizes that development of the international market of the Corporation has entered a new stage. She appealed to a deeper excavation in the foreign market through sustainable expansion.